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7370Re: [Raw Food] Snacks/Shampoo

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  • Howard Huey
    Feb 7, 2004
      FRIEND JUST TOLD ME TO-day THAT he has be using a ionic tooth brush that supose to remove over 50% of the plaque w/o toothpaste. It was brough at a health show. The distributor has a website http://www.ionictoothbrush.com/ . .
      As for organic tooth paste and Shampoo The e-excel company (an American co.) sells prododcts made from organic whole foods. Visit www.eexcel.net to see the products. The products are distrbuted through distributors. If you live in the Toronto ON area or can call cheap long distance, call Gita Patel 416-271-3999. Since she is very knowledgable , she can direct you to the right product. If long distance is expensive, e-mail to me and I will help you to get the info for right product for you.

      "Miko (Kobasigawa) Nelson" <miko_nelson@...> wrote:
      --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, bandbcollection <no_reply@y...>

      > 1. What are the quick, easy foods to eat to become raw and
      > healthy? I need some tips on what to get besides bananas,
      oranges,celery, and raw nuts.

      Great advice will come in those 2 books you ordered. The easiest
      thing to do is to get a bag of any one type of organic fruit and eat
      it all or as much as you want. The Raw Secrets book will go into
      detail about "snake method" eating and why this is easiest and

      > 2. Does anyone have a recipe for raw crackers or things I can make
      > as snacks for going to and from classes at night. I drive an hour
      > each way and don't want to be tempted with fast food places.

      Again, your 12 Steps to Raw Foods book has a great recipe for
      crackers. However, if you just fill up on these (flax), your fat
      ratio will be way off, so, a bag of apples/bananas and a plastic bag
      for the cores/skins will be helpful. By the time you get home,
      you'll be ready for your greens/nonsweet fruits (food combining
      rules say fruit first, short break then veggies)if you so desire.

      > 3. What do you all wash your hair/body with?

      I heard about a nutritionist here in town, 8 years raw, weaned off
      shampoos. The scalp learns to need shampoo, so, initially your hair
      will be disastrous looking. What he did was wash with honey until
      his scalp adjusted. Now he just uses water and it's fine. Me, I put
      coconut oil in it, wait, then rinse it out with a bottle made up of
      a bit of Jason's (70% organic and no shampoo and virgin coconut oil
      together. I have long hair and it's much nicer since I started using
      coconut oil. I needed something to do with all the extra bottles of
      purchased, then decided not to consume and this was the result. I
      wish I could go shampooless but feel unable to do so. Oh, and I use
      the mixture sparingly for my body. My daughter uses no shampoo at
      all. We also have skin brushes. You can dry brush before you shower.

      I am interested in others ideas about this subject. I brush my teeth
      with a baking soda/coconut oil mixture and use an Interjet
      beforehand. When the coconut oil runs out, I'll just use baking soda
      for my teeth.


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