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  • wendy
    Jan 5, 2004
      Hi Rhonda:

      I have had a vitamix for about 5 years and I love it. I have also bought stuff
      online from I think the site alex recommended. There's also a guy on Ebay
      that sells good priced items (I bought sprouter and wheatgrass juicer) if not
      the same person.

      I also saw Juliano yesterday at his Raw restaurant in Santa Monica as I am
      vacationing in CA. I didn't get to try out a few things because they were out of
      them, and had to stick to dessert stuff because of all the jalapeno peppers in
      the dishes. My fiance loved it tho! He knows Juliano from a non-cooking class
      in Chicago.

      There are also some recipe books I just ordered that seemed easier than
      Juliano's. I haven't gone through them all to tell you the titles now, but I will
      post as I do.


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