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6923Re: [Raw Food] Vita Mix

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  • Alex Malinsky
    Jan 1, 2004
      you can get a grest deal on a vita mix from www.rawguru.com/superstore.htm


      DarinSuzyGates@... wrote:
      Hey Rhonda,

      Thanks for sharing your experience about the vita mix. I took the plunge!!
      Can't wait to get it. I have been a Vegetarian aspiring Vegan for some time
      now but would like to move towards raw. I just bought Juliano's book and was
      going to do my usual and buy overboard on cookbooks on a subject that I was
      interested in. It was first "regular" cookbooks...then ovo lacto veg, then
      vegan, now raw. But have decided to try some recipes out of Juliano's book and
      substitute maybe some others from the web until the jury is in weather I would
      (or feel like I can) do this long term or not. Besides somebody can only have
      so much room for books esp. ones they don't use any longer (the charity's
      benefit though!). Instead I put that money that I normally would have spent on
      cookbooks to the Vita Mix. Really looking forward to it!

      Suzanne <><

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