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648Re: B12

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  • chefjeff40
    Jan 1, 2001
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      This is also this form a hygienic raw food
      MD<br><br>"Vitamin B12 deficiency is nothing to sneeze at. I have
      multiple<br>patients<br>who have developed neurologic deficits due to B12
      deficiency on an<br>unsupplemented vegan diet. Two of these
      were young, under 30 years of<br>age, and vegan for
      only 6-8 years. They were both unable to walk
      due<br>to<br>neurologic damage from B12 deficiency. As someone stated
      earlier, a<br>B12<br>level can give you a hint you might
      be deficient, but many with B12<br>levels<br>above
      200 are deficient too. This is determined by checking
      an MMA<br>(methyl melonic acid). Inadequate B12 can
      also cause subtle long-term<br>damage with no
      symptoms, until the serious irreversible problem<br>arises.
      Joel Fuhrman, M.D..
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