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  • Peter Gardiner
    Aug 28, 2003
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      You echo my thoughts, Rufus.

      It always amazes me that animals have far simpler diets than humans.
      Somehow they survive without running after trace elements or new recipes
      or veterinary surgeons. I find that the more I simplify my diet the
      richer it becomes.

      Was it Laurence Van der Post who said that to answer the big questions
      in life you need to look at nature?


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      Very well said !

      I have been reading the recent threads, and although interesting, most
      of it was far too philosophical for me. I like to keep things as simple
      as possible; it always helps me understand what seem like complex

      As far as our diet goes, I think it's a lot more
      helpful to study mammal behavior, then to study

      Mammals like us eat only RAW foods. They eat lots of
      leafy greens, and seasonal fruit. The mono diet is
      natural because plants tend not to grow in too close a proximity, and
      are seasonal. I used to think that I had to eat kale, spinach, onions,
      tomatoes, olives, avocados act, all in one sitting, in order to get all
      my vitamins and minerals. In nature it would be more
      common to find a huge patch of kale, eat it for a few
      days and then walk on to find an avocado tree. We
      would then binge on avocados. In a few weeks we
      might find a citrus tree, and on and on.

      If you look at food in this light, then food combining
      is not an issue. I try to eat 4 mono meals per day.
      Fruit, greens, fruit, greens. I mix fats with my
      greens. I do not eat a lot of nuts, because they are
      very difficult to eat in the wild. Eating a raw nut
      is a lot of work. In the wild, we would not be able
      to sit down and eat fistfuls of almonds. Although
      mono meals don't seem very plush, they are. Imagine
      having to eat only what nature provides. We would be
      eating mono for days on end. We would also be subject
      to fasting when a food source ran out, or the season
      ended. Thus its clear that we are supposed to fast.

      Folks have gotten far too philosophical to me. Of
      course chemicals are bad. We should strive to ingest
      no chemicals at all. And of course food combination
      is important. But we don't need to make a huge deal
      out of either. Being human is not easy. We are so
      smart that we feel we need to make simple things very
      complex. I would think that people on this mailing
      list, are here because they want to learn how to eat
      raw foods. It's not too difficult, unless we make it

      For the new people, I recommend reading The Sun food
      Diet Success System, and eating raw foods. Don't
      expect to be 100% raw too quickly. Expect failure,
      and then you will not be disappointed. Try going a
      whole day RAW, and then 2, and then 3 and so on.
      Before you know it, it will become so painful to eat
      the SAD, and you feel so good eating RAW, that the
      transition will become natural.

      I have an interesting perspective, because I was an
      alcoholic, who smoked and drank lots of coffee. I also
      took a lot of prescription drugs. It has taken me an
      awful long time to transition, and progress is
      sometimes slow. Physically, I never imagined that I
      could ever feel this good, and a lot of life long
      problems have disappeared (Asthma, chronic fatigue,
      depression and anxiety).

      My experience has proved that green leafy veggies are
      very important for me, and it was difficult for me to
      eat enough. I was eating about 80% fruit (mostly
      sweet fruits). I then bought a Green Star juicer for
      greens (I already had a L'equip 221 for fruit). I
      drank a liter of chard, kale, collards ect every day
      for two days, and then the dam broke. I peed 15 times
      in 12 hours. I had two nights of very violent dreams,
      and then felt like I was on an other level. I lost 6
      lbs in 2 days, and felt reborn. If you are eating a
      lot of fruit, you might want to try it.

      Best luck to everyone, I enjoy this mailing list.


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