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  • ravenmimir
    Oct 2, 2000
      Hi everyone. I just joined today and I am reading
      through all the posts from the beginning, but it will
      take me a little while to catch up. <br><br>I have
      studied nutrition and health long enough to know that Raw
      Foods are absolutely the answer to our health needs. My
      problem is putting it into practice. When I'm doing good,
      I'm at 50-60% raw, but I cant always stick to that. A
      big part of it is learning to make new meals that
      really taste good - so many of the healthy meals I try
      taste awful! As I go through all of the posts, I'm
      writing down the books that you have recommended. I hope
      to find some help there. I think just being a part
      of this club and being reminded every time I come
      here how good this would be for every aspect of my
      life, will do me good. <br><br>Talk to you all
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