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  • prettysmartideas@rocketmail.com
    Jul 2, 2013
      I was upset to see that the files in the Files Section of this list seemed to have been corrupted, but, tonight, I have gone into the files and found a way to use them.
      If you have a wordprocessor on your computer (I have MS Word), you can open a file, copy it, paste it to your wordprocessor, and it will come out formatted.

      Whew! I am very relieved! I can keep telling you to go to the files to find ideas for raw food recipes, nutrition, and more.

      And....since those are all my files, and I had placed them there to share, and also for safe-keeping, I am extremely glad that all of the files are still intact and accessible, particularly since I am at a place where I want to write some books with all the things I have come up with in the past 10 years or so.