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37378REQUEST: Where us travelers might buy healthful food, water in Las Vegas

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  • Elchanan
    Feb 3, 2013
      Greetings everyone,

      My partner and I are traveling to the Las Vegas area this Thursday. We'll be staying about an hour from Vegas. However, on Thursday
      we arrive early enough to spend some time driving around and shopping. We would be grateful for input on:

      1. Where to shop for organic or reasonable quality produce on Thursday, specifically. We will be working in a very dry area, so we
      are particularly interested in watermelons. Right now, here in California, we are getting lots of those little watermelons at Trader
      Joe's and at Whole Foods (though these are not organic). We are also interested in organic bananas, organic celery, organic carrots,
      organic lettuce, organic tomatoes (we do get those here all year-round), etc.

      2. Where to buy some clean water. Distilled or RO or the like is fine. We will bring empty jugs, we need a place where we can fill

      3. If there were ONE thing we should see or do on Thursday before we drive out to our final destination, what would you suggest?
      (This is for FUN, of course. :):)

      Thank you all kindly.

      Just FYI, I'm leaving in about 2 hours and will be off the Internet until sometime Tuesday. But I will receive any and all
      suggestions and ideas you send . and we will be most grateful!!!

      Thank you kindly,

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