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  • prettysmartideas@rocketmail.com
    Jan 3, 2013
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      Oh, dear! This list looks like a ghost town. Time was, it was very very active. That was before... well, before. If you look back to the beginning of the list, there was a lot of good info.

      I know because, even when it was active, I looked back at the early posts, and archived most of them in the FILES section (back when I still had the email MANIFESTNOW).

      If you are reading this, and have never looked through the FILES, you should. (Unfortunately, there is a lot of spam in there now, since the list owner and I went away) If you look for the files posted by MANIFESTNOW, you will find a wealth of
      * tasty recipes
      * raw food-related discussions
      * natural health care recipes and suggestions

      and more.....

      It's a good place to check out whether you are a raw food beginner or a very experienced raw foodist (when I joined the list, I had already been into raw food for 25 years, but I still learned a lot through my reading of the files and, also, more importantly, through interaction with other list members.

      I currently have my own raw vegan blog (http://prettysmartrawfoodideas.wordpress.com)
      but there is nothing like active discussion on a mailing list.S

      So, I am going to see if this list can be revived. I'd like to again the feeling of community as well as the creative stimulation that you can get from a mailing list.

      So, for a while, you will notice posts from me: things from the files, cross-posts from my blog, or cool blogs and websites I've seen as I revisit the links on my blog to see who is still in business and offering new ideas.

      I hope you will join me.
      Margaret (formerly manifestnow)