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  • snappycrocodile_uk
    Jul 1, 2000
      Hi all, it seems all doom and gloom on the
      messages at the moment. <br>I don't know about anyone else
      but I'm finding it quite hard at the moment to stick
      to a raw food diet at all. I've only been trying for
      a short time and I'm finding it not only hard
      financially but I still crave bacon sandwiches/pizzas/curry
      etc. like crazy. I really did think it should get
      easier, but it isn't. Even with the extra bonus of summer
      fruit and veg I'm still struggling to find good
      combination ideas. (ones that don't involve me dicing my
      fingers are always a hit!)<br>Are there any raw foodists
      locally to me as I could really do with finding out how
      they cope!<br>I really want to do this, otherwise I
      wouldn't be asking for help. I would really appreciate
      some 'resolve-stiffening' ideas and hints.<br>Thanks
      once again,<br>Dee.
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