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2916Re: [Raw Food] Fruit before noon...

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  • nanna_mi <nanna_mi@yahoo.com>
    Feb 3, 2003

      You're doing the right thing with diligent chewing. I've read that
      every mouthful should be chewed 30 to 50 times! This way you're
      helping the digestion as the saliva mixes with the food and the
      digestion begins already in the mouth.

      And as you have discovered, overeating will not happen as you are
      more sensitive to your food intake this way.

      If they only would make lunch breaks a bit longer :)


      > PS One other change I've instigated seems to be very helpful, viz,
      to chew
      > whatever I eat to an almost liquid consistency. A little irksome in
      > beginning, this has become second nature now and my digestion is
      > benefiting as a result. Also, as chewing takes time, I find myself
      > satisfied with much less and am never inclined to gorge.
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