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2915RE: [Raw Food] Fruit before noon...

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  • manojv@now-india.net.in
    Feb 3, 2003
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      Thanks for the advice!! I also feel sugar that we get from fruit should be
      far superior to the refined white variety. In any case I will continue to
      monitor myself!
      PS One other change I've instigated seems to be very helpful, viz, to chew
      whatever I eat to an almost liquid consistency. A little irksome in the
      beginning, this has become second nature now and my digestion is only
      benefiting as a result. Also, as chewing takes time, I find myself fully
      satisfied with much less and am never inclined to gorge.
      Sure feels good to have my pants fit snugly again, after just a couple of

      >The lightheadedness and headaches are symptomatic of detoxification. If
      >the dizzness gets worse, slow down a little or you could wind up passing
      >out. It is good to "walk off" yesterday's sugar intake. That will
      >reduce the likelihood of an over-accumulation of sugar although sugar
      >from fruit should not be a problem. In this cold weather I am having my
      >work cut out to eat enough fruit.

      >These are general comments and may verge on the territory of medical
      >advice which is beyond my scope.

      >Keep a weather eye!


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