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26918[Raw Food] Re: DIABETIC- Anyone have an answer for me

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  • melanieburtis
    Jan 5, 2007
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      --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, "SV" <shavig@...> wrote:
      Shari, thanks for your post and for sharing. It's sad, and I'm sorry you lost your parents so
      early. It's interesting (strange, morbid, etc.) how people only want to see the negative. I find
      that a lot, too. I just don't get that people don't understand how important diet is in their
      overall health. It's obvious! Isn't it? Is it just me? I am also amazed at the people posting that
      they have been kicked off and out of groups for even mentioning the things that have worked
      for thousands of others.

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