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26890Re: DIABETIC- Anyone have an answer for me

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  • mstrong56
    Jan 4, 2007
      --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, School Of Rawk <schoolofrawk@...> wrote:
      > I know - Don't get me started. I got BOOTED from the diabetes group
      for alluding that it can be REVERSED. Can you BELIEVE that?????? So

      I too was long ago booted from the ADA boards, the AHA boards, the AARP
      health boards, etc. reason was I am a "spammer" for providing a few
      links to Dr's Fuhrman, McDougal, Essylstyn, Cousins, Oz, you know,
      basically ANYONE that has an ACTUAL track record of helping people
      actually get rid of the diseases being discussed. Also, offering to
      give RAVE away for FREE, is considered spamming. How I profit from
      this elludes me. Seems all these board moderators want is to endlessly
      keep people in victim mode, discussing dangerous, nasty side effect,
      life long treatments that don't work.

      Obviously, none of these people pay me to send folks their way, I'm
      just enthusiastic after being personally cured of diabetes and heart
      disease this simple way and I'm pissed off at how simple it is and want
      to spread the info to those willing to do a little work and take
      personal responsibility for their health. Many are willing but need a

      Just doing my part (maybe a bit more) to help the inevitable avalance
      of people rejecting the food industry poisons and adopting healthy
      organic, non-GMO, plant based diets.

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