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25861Re: need help with unknown greens

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  • Margaret Gamez
    Nov 3, 2006
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      Hi Tammi:
      You can eat any of the greens...
      If they are "soft", i.e., like lettuce, then just put them in a salad,
      or use them to wrap up other things to eat like a burrito, or a taco,
      or sushi.
      If they are tougher, like kale or collards, you have to do a little
      more work.
      My first experiment was with collards:
      I pulled each side of the leaf off or the central "spine" and I salted
      the leaves and set them on a plate with a flat plate and a weight on
      top for an hour (old zen recipe) Then I rinsed the salt off of each
      "wilted" leaf and used them to roll "sushi"

      Now, what I do with kale and collards, as well as "mystery greens", is:
      peel the sides of the leaves off of the central stem.
      pile @four - six leaf halves on top of one another and roll them,
      shortwise, i.e. from the short bottom all the way to the top.
      Then with a very sharp knife, cut each roll thinly -- to get a
      "string-like" result-- this is called chiffonade.
      I usually give the cuts another cut or two cross-wise, because I am a
      lazy chewer.

      Then put the collards or kale in a large bowl.
      Add any dry seasonings (garlic, herbs, curry powder, pepper, etc.)
      Add about 1/8 t salt (or to taste), or about a tablespoon of nama
      shoyu, and a T of apple cider vinegar.

      Toss thoroughly, then wash your hands (if you haven't already), and
      get in there and "massage" until the mass is reduced by about half.
      Then add enough olive oil and mix in to give a "glisten".

      Set the greens aside for 1-2 hours or overnight.
      Your result should look almost like cooked.

      Tammi wrote

      > I've finally succeeded in getting a membership to our local organic
      > farm and just received my first load of veggies. I have so many
      > questions. Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly
      > appreciated. I don't want anything to go to waste.
      > Here are my questions:
      > 1. Can you eat the leaves on Purple Kohl Rabi and White Kohl Rabi
      > 2. Anyone know what Mizald is? There were so many unknown greens I
      > wrote down the names and couldn't find pics of everything. This one I
      > can identify at all.
      > 3. Can you eat Joi Choi and Mei Choi raw? Everything I found was info
      > on cooking.
      > 4. Can anyone offer any advice on Kale. I have tried massaging it
      > (unsuccessfully) with olive oil. Should I use lemon juice too? I know
      > it can be yummy and tender I have had it before. I just can't seem to
      > get it there.
      > 5. Can you eat Southern Giant Mustard Greens raw?
      > That's all for now but I am sure there will be more.
      > Thanks, again.
      > I'm off to eat a huge mystery salad.
      > Tammy
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