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25736Re: [Raw Food] dehydrator

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  • Margaret Gamez
    Oct 20 5:10 PM
      Debi wrote:
      > > Is there anything I can use [besides Teflex sheets]

      Paula wrote:
      > > I have heard of people using wax paper, or parafin paper.

      You can use cooking parchment. It is available in most supermarkets.
      You unroll it and spread it out on the plastic mesh screen. It will
      be curly, but you hold it down with whatever you are to be
      dehydrating. I usually use it curly side down, i.e., it is curling
      down, rather than up-- it makes it easier to spread flat and once you
      start putting stuff on it, it stays flat.

      I think that wax paper might well melt and transfer wax to what you
      are dehydrating.

      Butcher paper might work - I don't know. I know that cooking
      parchment can go in the oven at 350 degrees, so I figure it should be
      okay in a dehydrator.

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