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  • Margaret Gamez
    Oct 18, 2006
      judea wrote:
      > 1. Can I not go above 105 degrees while dehydrating?
      > 2. Can anyone give me any tips/pointers/recipes?

      Many recipes suggest turning the dehydrator up to 145 for the first
      two hours -- this raises the temperature of the dehydrating food to
      where you want to be -- at about 100-105 degrees.Then, you should turn
      it back down to 105. If you are going to turn on the dehydrator and
      leave home for several hours, it would be better to start at 105 degrees.
      As for recipes, check out the list files. There are all sorts of
      recipes that use the dehydrator... breads, crackers, cookies, and a
      lot of the entrees and desserts.
      If you have any questions about how to make crackers, I think I have
      done all the wrong ways, so, if you like, you can contact me to find
      out what not to do.
      Someone else wrote that she usually made things too thick - I've
      usually made things too thin, with disastrous results.
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