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25694Re: [Raw Food] dehydrator

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  • Kristi
    Oct 17, 2006
      You may turn your dehydrator up to 145 degrees for the first couple

      For tips - you can use parchment paper instead of teflex, you may
      mess up a few recipes at first, I generally make things a bit thicker
      than I think I should (crackers and leathers, I mean) and recipes
      try: fromsadtoraw.com


      On Oct 16, 2006, at 8:41 PM, lemonessence1 wrote:

      > Hey all! I just bought a dehydrator today, and had a few questions for
      > you.
      > 1. Can I not go above 105 degrees while dehydrating?
      > 2. Can anyone give me any tips/pointers/recipes?
      > I know fresh is always better, but I love dried fruit and thought this
      > would be a good way to transition from the way I was eating. It's
      > filling, and I can carry it around with me while I'm out.
      > Any input would be greatly appreciated!
      > Thanks,
      > Judea

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