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24451Re: [Raw Food] queasiness

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  • Janet FitzGerald
    Jul 31, 2006
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      Hi MaryEllen,

      Thanks for the feedback. We aren't ones to get sick often, so I'm concerned about this.

      I've been told that Bragg's Amino Acids *do* have MSG in them. Something about the process of making the stuff creates the msg, or so I've been told by two people. I was informed by someone on the rawschool list that the bottle once said it had no msgs in them, but then they had to take that off because there are.

      Thanks again,

      chicwriter@... wrote:

      I've only been raw for less than a year, but there are a couple of
      things that bothered me in transition and still bother me now.

      First are some of the raw recipes. I do much better with fewer
      ingredients. Some of the recipes have too many varying tastes
      for me that I don't get a sense of any one food, never quite feel
      satisfied, and sometimes overeat as a result.
      Raw food digests quickly, but I still feel awful for quite some time.

      Second are the liquid aminos. They give me the same reaction
      that MSG did. Depending on how much I've had, I've experienced
      everything from a numb mouth to a serious migraine headache.
      I bought one bottle of this stuff very early in my transition and
      tossed it out after three bad experiences. I know it helps with
      flavoring, but there's something funky about it for some people.

      Hope this helps and don't give up!

      Mary Ellen

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