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23119Re: [Raw Food] smoothie recepies

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  • Belinda
    Jun 1 3:38 AM
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      Thanks Shari and Tommie, I will experiment.

      Shari, do you thin your smoothies with some kind of fruit juice? I
      am thinking bananas would make it very thick.

      You know, I eat fruit and nuts every morning with some raw oats.
      Sounds like that is a bad mix. I like the nuts because they keep me
      from from getting hungry before lunch time.


      --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, "SV" <shavig@...> wrote:
      > I just add whatever is green and whatever is a fruit and some water
      to make
      > it however I feel that day.
      > The other day I walked into the backyard and picked some dandelion
      > and added them to mango and banana with water. Wasn't my favorite,
      but it
      > was all I had available at the time.
      > I've discovered that dandelion does not play well with others. The
      > smoothie I've had that was good with dandelion is blueberry and
      lots of
      > them.
      > Romaine and most anything is good. Spinach and anything is great
      and mixed
      > greens with anything is wonderful. When and if I do run into a bad
      mix I
      > can usually save it with a dash of agave nectar or a couple of
      > That's usually if I have run out of fruit.
      > I like mine a little thinner so I can drink them in the car and at
      my desk.
      > Sometimes they get too thick and it comes down the bottle neck in
      one big
      > glump! and it's all over.
      > Shari
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