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22319Re: [Raw Food] Closet Soybean Eater - Tom & Bridgitte

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  • Tiffany
    May 3, 2006
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      Dear Tom and Bridgitte,
      I'm glad Bridgitte and Tom shed light on this aspect of soy - the GMO standards at least, because I once wondered myself why it would be so allergenic.
      My grandmother was the first to enlighten me on abstaining from milk because of my psoriasis and excema 18 years ago. She's not the health fanatic by far, but told me to try not drinking only milk for 3 months to see if it went away...it did, and 13 years later I tried to drink a tall glass of nonfat milk again because I heard of the health craze concerning milk's calcium and weight loss boosting. Well, my skin disruptions came back with a vengeance.
      Since then she's warned me about soy, as her doctor screened her for allergies. So I did the research (before joining this group) and found out that it is an allergen for most people >>>because it has been modified to yield enormously large, cheap alternative protein supplies for the world<<<.
      But as far as unadultrated soy beans attest, I don't know. Since 2 years ago I have avoided soy altogether, like Tommie stated her 4 years, and I don't care to go back to soy because there are plenty of alternative bean and protein sources that I can enjoy and benefit healthfully from.
      I know that soaking (sprouting) uninhibits the enzymes needed for most seeds' dormancy periods, making them suitable for consumption, but I still haven't found any information relating this to the soy bean.

      Bridgitte <syndactylcat@...> wrote:
      The estrogen in soy can be a big issue for me. I get heavy, painful,
      long (like 7 or 8 days)periods. I used to when i ate it anyhow. I
      have a friend who had a severe case of endomitriosis and was told not
      to eat it. Her condition improved when she stopped.
      That's the only drawback I know about for sure, and that's mostly
      from personal experience.

      --- In rawfood@yahoogroups.com, Tom Spontelli <outreach@...> wrote:
      Thanks for posting the John Robbins article. Before my introduction
      to RAW, I had a long love affair with soybeans. However, everyone in the RAW community shudders at the mention of the word 'soy'. Monsanto has tainted much of the world's soy supply with their genetically modified "Round-Up Ready Soy." (This means that farmers can plant this genetically Frankenstein plant in their fields and then douse all of their fields with the herbicide ROUND-UP repeatedly, killing all living things but their "Round-Up Ready Soy." Studies by the British Allergy Foundation found that since this version of soy has been introduced into the food system, allergies to soy have shot up dramatically.) However, if you buy only non-GMO
      organic soy products, you should be able to drastically reduce these issues.
      There are a lot of rumours out there and I was wondering if anyone
      else had any good info about soy. I have heard people say that soybeans
      should not be eaten raw. However, I love raw edamame. Fresh yummy juicy beans!
      But all of my raw foodist friends freak when I tell them that I found some raw
      organic non-GMO fresh soy beans and am going to chow down.
      The most frequent issue I here is that the soy proteins are too
      close to estrogen causing an increase cancer risk, but I have never heard
      that from a reputable source. I think Monsanto's actions are criminal and the cross-fertilization issue is a serious threat to the global supply. But supporting positively the non-GMO strains can help fight this.
      Does anyone know if there are any GENUINE health issues with eating
      raw organic non-GMO soy beans?
      Does anyone have any favorite preparations?
      Does anyone sprout or are fresh soft beans with the skins removed
      okay for removing the inhibitors?
      We have twelve acres of farm and I am thinking about putting in a
      field of good non-GMO soy so that we can have yummy fresh beans all the time.
      Anyone know why not?
      Tom Spontelli
      Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute
      Aguada PR 00602 USA

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