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206Hello everyone:)

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    Mar 1, 2000
      I am glad to see that everyone can be able to
      post messeges in here unlike before. Hope you all are
      doing well. I am enjoying living in a my moms and my
      new house. I am looking for a job and it has not been
      easy. I applied several times and I am hoping I will
      get a call from someplace soon. I hope I do get the
      job with the finance company that pays $1800 a month.
      that would be great it that is the case.<br> I wish I
      could attend the raw food festival in Oregon. I hope
      they have a raw food event like that in Boulder
      Colorado some day:) There was a raw food support group in
      Boulder but the main person that hosted the event moved
      to wisconsin. <br>I may host one some day but for
      now my main focus <br>is finding a job while going to
      school part time.<br>Hope you have a good week and I
      would love to have a chat sometime soon:)
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