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1926Re: What the heck is a nori roll?

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  • tgaptte
    Apr 4, 2002
      Hi Linda,

      Welcome to the group! There are two kinds of Nori rolls, black (raw)
      and green(cooked). Make sure you get the black ones. I just take
      out a sheet, chop up some veggies (Red pepper, cucumber, carrot,
      celery, avocado) adn roll it up. You can make up a "sauce" to go with
      it from a raw tahini or something else. Very, very yummy.

      Hope that helps!
      --- In rawfood@y..., "lljones4938" <ljonesx2@h...> wrote:
      > I'm brand new to this list but have enjoyed reading some of the
      > arcives. I'm so glad someone asked the question about the nori
      > roll. I've seen them mentioned on several raw food sites and have
      > found nori sheets at the health food store and the supermarket.
      > package said they should be heated or cooked -- which would not be
      > in agreement with raw foodism. So . . . how are they prepared??
      > you just sort of use them like a tortilla to put veggies in and
      > wrap them up and eat them? What in the world does it taste like??
      > Thanks in advance! --Linda
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