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1477Re: Mum's home cooking.

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  • W_C_Feelgood
    Nov 1 4:37 AM
      I think you are trying to drive in the ditch
      here.<br><br>You may be a peculiar case that would make the
      connection of bad feelings, Mum (Mommy Dearest) and raw
      food, but any psychological benifit from going raw is
      periphial and incidental to the main issues.<br><br>Raw
      food may heal minor neurosis, but professional
      counseling may still be beneficial for more severe cases.
      Have you talked to someone about this? I think it is
      beyond the scope of this club to offer much help in this
      area; as demonstrated by you continually bringing it
      up.<br><br>By going raw, deeply surpressed feelings may surface
      that one may need professional help in dealing
      with.<br><br>In order to stop the negative effects of evil, it is
      sometimes necessay to sever the connection with the source.
      If necessay, create a new family. That is why I
      introduced you to Victoria Boutenko. As a matter of fact,
      Victoria is comming out with a new book soon; "12 Steps to
      Raw Food," that addresses the psychological problems
      that prevent us from doing the things we know are best
      ouselves.<br><br><a href=http://rawfamily.com/products.htm target=new>http://rawfamily.com/products.htm</a><br><br>Your friend,<br><br>Bill
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