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1303Detox...and teeth

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  • blosshan
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Wow, I finished reading all the messages. Took a
      while, have pages full with notes, websites and other
      very interesting info gathered from contributions.
      Thanks all of you. <br>Also had some good laughs along
      the way. Australian humour is different alright, you
      can't beat it. Of course I'm biased but I absolutely
      love it. Learn to laugh at yourself and it becomes
      quite digestible, something like raw food I
      guess.<br><br>I wonder if there are people around who have had
      detox experiences that caused tootaches or painful
      jaws. Yes, I have been experiencing quite a bit of
      pain, visited the dentist quite a few times but he says
      it is not my teeth. Pain is unbearable at times and
      for that reason went to see GP. Lymph glands etc in
      throat hard as rocks, and bloodtest tells her: is not
      inconsistent with infected tooth. Before he drills all my
      teeth (no thanks!)to see if there is an infection
      somewhere I'd like to hear from any of you if you had this
      experience as a result of detox. <br>PS: I've no
      amalgam/mercury fillings - were all removed in 1988.
      <br><br>Thanks Hanneke
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