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    we had a nubianx she would not stand. she would sit on the milk pail so we put a pail under her belly with a towel on it when she went down to sit on the milk
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      we had a nubianx she would not stand. she would sit on the milk pail so we put a pail under her belly with a towel on it when she went down to sit on the milk can she had that pail under her she learned how to stand so she could be milked. We took pictures of her we never had to do that to any other doe we have. We don't have her anymore because everting she kidded we had to start all over again with the pail and towel under her belly.
      ---- Mary Kellogg <acfdirector2000@...> wrote:
      > Some does are very difficult to milk from behind, due to udder/teat configuration. Over the last 38 years, I have probably milked at least 3000 different goats, and trained at least 2000 on the stand or milk line. I normally stay a day or two when I deliver goats to my clients and help out with starting their new flock on the routine.......
      > Have had knuckles and fingers broken in the process, severely bruised hands and arms---had a big NuAlpine (275 pounds) slam her foot down and catch my fingers on the rim of the bucket. She struck like lightning! Boy, did I want to dump her out on the desert! We were crossing Utah at the time.......I had to ask the trucker to help me milk her, even when I tied her head and body roped her to the center gate! It was all he could do to hold her back legs, and he weighed as much as she did! She was like a twisting dervish! The former owner said "That is why I sold her." Would have aapreciated a warning! When she got to the dairy, they velcroed her back legs to the pipes with soft straps. She had a screaming tantrum cause she could not kick. She learned to stand in a week, they said, and milked nearly 4000 pounds that year!
      > I do not feed any grain while milking--this has eliminated "I'm done with my grain, so you are done, too" . Was she bottle raised? Did this doe nurse her kid? If not, were you there when she kidded? It is much easier if you are there so they bond to you......
      > Is this a Nubian? I have found it VERY difficult to change a Nubian's mind! They do not have those long ears and Roman noses for nothing! :>) !
      > I have almost never had any problem with LaManchas or Toggs. They usually stand like rocks even the first time....
      > Had some does I freshened for a client--they were another story! Saanens and Alpines and Nubians--raised from the start on buckets, instead of bottles and obviously no hands on with people! I got kicked , stomped, and had them lay down on the stand.......Finally got a plastic milk jug, and swatted leg or backside with it when they did not stand. (Makes a big noise and does not hurt!) When they stood, even for 30 seconds, had hubby give a treat (piece of a doughnut)
      > In three days, 14 of the 16 stood --the other two went bye-bye to someone who wanted to nurse lambs on them.... told him he would have to really watch or they would stomp the lambs. Oddly enough, those dingbats adopted the lambs and were fine! They each raised four lambs!
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