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SS take James in the UK

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  • Jim Bailey - JimBWarrior
    Maggie - My HEART goes out to You and James - GLOBAL, SS, CPS, CYFS and others forms of the same thing seem HELL bent on destroying the **Whole Natural
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2011
      Maggie - My HEART goes out to You and James - GLOBAL, SS, CPS, CYFS and
      others forms of the same thing seem HELL bent on destroying the **Whole
      Natural Biological FAMILY**.

      Hopefully as the GLOBAL Public become more aware we will see millions stand
      against these BUREAUCRATS.

      Stay Strong

      Together-in-CHRIST and in Coalition with ALL who value the,
      **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**, as Created by GOD.
      NOT Bureaucrats and other Anti-FAMILY Brigade.
      Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed – www.RationShed.wordpress.com
      Part of the Shadow; NZ Ministry of Mens Affairs
      Committed too; Men’s Banquet and Men’s Table since 1995

      Onward – Jim Bailey
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      Subject: Fw: James

      This email as here from my sons solicitor was sent to him yesterday, whilst
      I was at the school, as I was told to be by one o'clock to collect my
      grandson, as I was told, he would be told by social services that he would
      be going into foster on Wednesday (today) but they took him yesterday, re
      the email to my son as here is untold lies, my grandsons headmaster Mr
      Shields of St Marys Catholic school in Tilbury has stated and will be giving
      a statement to the lawyers that Maggie Tuttle has never been abusive when at
      the school and that it is all lies that the social service have said, when I
      arrived at the school at one o'clock to collect my grandson, the social
      worker Ligia Birdici of Thurrock social services told me your grandson will
      be going into care today as you Maggie are a risk to him, I asked on what
      grounds, she as always said it is my boss who has said James is at risk.
      After many hours and being told by Ligia Birdici I could see my grandson at
      3.20 before they take him away. 3.20 came as I walked into the head masters
      office my grandson screamed no no please don't let them take me away, he
      clung to me, and the social worker said James we have to go, that all
      happened in maybe 3 seconds, then he just ran, and my god if a film was made
      of what happened next it would be a best seller, my grandson who is aged 10
      scaled approx a 12ft fence although he was in hospital the day before with a
      suspected broken bone in the left foot, he was limping very badly, all
      school gates where locked many many people where in the street and school
      looking for him, the police as far as I am aware where called, then my
      grandson was found by the headmaster, James saw me and just clung to me and
      my god not even a man going to the gas chamber could have pleaded like a
      child of 10, he was so overwrought he could not breath properly, he kept
      saying, please please I am begging you let me stay with my Nan I love my Nan
      please let me stay and I promise YOU CAN HAVE ME TOMORROW AS YOU SAID, but
      let me have one more day with my Nan, he held me so tight I could not move,
      but in the playground where we were, he was removed from me. I did say to my
      grandson before he went and so traumatised, we have to stay strong and fight
      together, if we don't stay strong we will lose, you know I have always
      taught you, nothing lasts for ever and Voo Voo (as he calls me its
      grandmother in Brazilian) will fight and maybe you will come back home to
      voo, but you must stay positive and help me. The social Services have made
      me drive not 80 miles a day its 102 miles a day to the school, they have
      lied to me and the children and they forced the children to meet with their
      mother who they reported of being abused for many years, on this occasion my
      grandson just ran away, my granddaughter told the mother you are dead in my
      life, and it was the SS and cafcas who told me, if the children did not meet
      the mother they where holding me responsible for non contact of the children
      and the abuser, they have accused me from day one of stopping the children
      of having contact with the abuser, the first assessment of me, its untold
      lies, so if I am or was not fit to have my grandchildren, then why did they
      give them to me 8 months ago. Police for any reports or when any one calls
      government help lines it is always recorded, what the SS do not do is to
      record any conversations or assessments, I have asked many times why, as I
      always took notes on meetings I was told Oh why re you taking notes you are
      the first to do so. As I am also not party to the proceedings I am sure I
      can speak to the press freely.
      The stepfather of the children who has also been reported for abuse of the
      children has used his position as one of the PR persons in Barnet council
      to speak to Barnet social services,to gain all the evidence from Thurrock
      Social services and then pass to his lawyers of all evidence, Thurrock SS
      told me this is not true, I replied and so was wikileak.
      David Ames Mp has written some weeks ago for a report from the SS and the
      reply was basic. Unless I can receive some support from where ever we have
      another child taken into the system no not taken but stolen and SOLD via the
      foster caring system, we as it is well documented need freedom of the courts
      because the SS do not record any conversations with the children or others
      involved. As in this email below the SS can tell lies and abuse children
      hence the children are then blamed in later life as out casts as being
      thief's liars and so on, and this is our next generation. Having travelled
      the world and see poverty and the sufferings, even in Africa and India,
      yesterday for me was the worst day of my life and I could do nothing unless
      I allowed my self to fight and speak up for my grandson then the police
      would have been called and I would have been arrested then more trauma for
      my grandson to have seen, I stayed quite the whole day, and that was very
      hard to do in the circumstances. I have recently been released from bail as
      Mr John Schroder the stepfather made allegations in 2010 of harassment, the
      case was dropped last week no evidence. Yet Mr Schroder is not party to the
      proceedings and was told he is not allowed to go the school where my
      grandson is, yet he ignored courts and the SS and continued to walk off the
      street to speak to my grandson in school, more fright by a man using his
      position with Barnet council, and so he continues. Some one please help not
      me my grandson, he is in placement for 4 weeks with a psycho therapist, then
      to be fostered and another child lost in the system because he reported

      Also sent to certain MPs

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      From: James Tuttle
      To: Maggie Tuttle
      Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 4:06 PM
      Subject: Fwd: James

      Begin forwarded message:

      From: Kathleen O'Connor <KOC@...>

      Date: 15 March 2011 16:59:03 CET

      To: James Tuttle <jamestuttle@...>

      Subject: James

      Dear James

      I have been in talks with the Court and Thurrock Council since we spoke
      earlier. I have been informed by Thurrock legal team that the plan was not
      to remove James before the hearing on the 21st March after they received my
      letter yesterday. However it is being alleged that your mum was very
      aggressive and angry at the school this morning, they allege that she was
      making all sorts of threats and shouting that they would not take James from
      her. I have been told that James threatened to run away. I have been told
      that the decision to remove James from the placement today was made by
      senior social workers on the basis of your mother’s behaviour in school this
      morning in front of James.

      The Court are aware that James has already been removed and on the basis
      that there will be no evidence for the Court to consider by tomorrow they
      are not prepared to list it tomorrow. The hearing therefore remains in on
      Monday 21st. I have told the Court that we oppose the move and will be
      seeking for the matter to be listed for a contested Interim Care Order. We
      will have to list it for this hearing on Monday and I will seek to have
      listed in a Court whereby you can give evidence by video link.

      I stand by the fact that the Local Authority have acted inappropriately by
      removing James without bringing the matter back to Court to reconsider this
      placement. I will deal with this before the Court. However in saying that
      the solicitor for the Guardian has confirmed that Wendy is supportive of the
      move. Furthermore if the Local Authority are able to provide independent
      evidence of your mother’s behaviour at the school that led to the removal
      then we are going to be in a difficult position proving that he should go

      There is no evidence to suggest that your mother has not been able to
      provide excellent physical care of the children, our biggest problems are
      the action taken against Scarlett which was entirely wrong and I know that
      it was a last resort for your mother but it can easily be considered as
      emotional abuse. Whether or not Scarlett knew, as your mother says, that she
      would not have taken her back, she still made the threat and went as far as
      to put Scarlett’s things in the car. It is not all just going to come down
      to what James wants, even if James is adamant that he wants to stay with
      your mother it may be the case that the Court find that it is not his best
      interests to go back there.

      Whilst writing this email I have just received your email, I am so very
      sorry that he is so distressed this has been dealt with in a terrible way. I
      think that you need to give further consideration to your position with
      regard to the children urgently. Because if there is enough evidence to
      convince the Court that the children should not be with your mother and
      enough evidence to suggest that the children should not go home which is
      likely, there could become a very real possibility that long term foster
      care is sought for James.

      You need to consider if you are able to make any immediate changes in
      order to put yourself forward as a carer, not just in the long term but now.

      I will keep you informed and let me know if you have further instructions
      with regard to the issues raised above.

      Kind Regards

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