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New Forum is ready (IMPORTANT)

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  • jeff_swick
    Our new home is ready....just doing a little decorating Here s the direct link. http://www.gwnastro.ca/forums/forum/67-saskatoon-rasc/ Here s a note from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2012
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      Our new home is ready....just doing a little decorating
      Here's the direct link.


      Here's a note from the webmaster:

      Welcome to GWNAstro and the new home for Saskatoon RASC members. If you have just registered to GWNAstro, please click on the link above which says "Contact". Select from the Subject drop down box, the option for "Request Access to Specific Club forums" and in the message comments box, indicate that you are a member of the Saskatoon RASC Chapter. The Chapter president (Jeff - Spaceritual) will have sent me a membership list to verify.

      Once your access has been upgraded, you will see the private Saskatoon RASC forums.

      thanks and welcome!
      Note that the Yahoo group will be slowly phased out so go and register at the new place now and please email me off list when you sign up.
      Graham Hartridge is the other admin for GWN Astro

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