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Re: Perseid Meteors at Wanuskewin

No scopes needed Jeff - main activity is meteor watching - I will have one of my scopes there simply to look at the post "super" moon and one or two other
Aug 10, 2014

Supermoon tonight

Supermoon tonight through a 300mm lens. http://www.lex.sk.ca/astro/350d/Supermoon.jpg One of the smallest full moons of 2002 over one of the biggest full moons
Tenho Tuomi
Aug 10, 2014

Re: Perseid Meteors at Wanuskewin

No scopes necessary - sorry if I misled anyone. Those who come will be coming "hopefully" to hear the 1/2 hour digitally illustrated talk on the Perseid Meteor
Aug 10, 2014

Re: Perseid Meteors at Wanuskewin

Is this a call for 'scopes? J Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
jeff swick
Aug 10, 2014

Perseid Meteors at Wanuskewin

Thought members may wish to know that Wanuskewin has invited me to give a short public talk on the Perseid Meteor Shower followed by telescope viewing and
Aug 10, 2014

Going to Sleaford 30-Jul-2014

Sunset is 20:57 and I'll be out by then.
Jul 30, 2014

Re: Comet hunting

Took a picture of comet C/2014 E2 (Jacques) last night. http://www.lex.sk.ca/astro/350d/C2014E2_55.jpg Supposed to be magnitude 6 but barely visible in
Tenho Tuomi
Jul 29, 2014

Going to sleaford July 28

Going to sleaford as soon as I load up the vehicle.
Jul 28, 2014

Re: Going to Sleaford 26-July-2014

ooops forgot about it. watching the game cam From: mailto:rascstoon@yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2014 3:51 PM To: rascstoon@yahoogroups.com
Cam McLelland2
Jul 26, 2014

Re: Going to Sleaford 26-July-2014

Larry. That sounds good. I'll be out there to help/learn at 8:00 Carl Finlay. Sent by jcfinlay@...
C Finlay
Jul 26, 2014

Going to Sleaford 26-July-2014

For those interested in getting a site key I will be holding a tour at 20:00 this evening. Forecast isn't great but I think I'll take my binoculars and a lawn
Jul 26, 2014

Re: For Sale - 120mm F8.3 Orion Achromat with Motorized (only RA) EQ

Do you still have this item? Where are you located? Have you joined the celestron VX group? Dick Kirk
Jul 23, 2014

SSSP *Early* Registration Ends July 18 ...

Hi Everyone, Early registration for SSSP ends technically July 18 (tomorrow). So provided you get your registration *in the mail* by the end of the weekend
Richard Huziak
Jul 17, 2014

Re: The Next Eclipse of EE Cep (August!)

Okay - so I can't do math. Last eclipse was in 2009; (2003 as 2 cycles ago.) Good light curve of the eclipse is here: http://www.aavso.org/lcotw/ee-cephei Cool
Richard Huziak
Jul 3, 2014

The Next Eclipse of EE Cep (August!)

Hey, Want another variable star observing experience? ("No", you say?!) Well ... how about this one? EE Cep is a Be-type (very large and bright) star that has
Richard Huziak
Jul 3, 2014
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