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Re: Could use a few telescopes at the NE Swale on Sunday night

Good question Tenho. I was wondering the same thing. I would love to go down there. The Regina Camera Club is going down there in July so may head down for
Colin C
1:18 PM

Re: Could use a few telescopes at the NE Swale on Sunday night

Just too busy to update the files. It is advertised on the Grasslands webpage. You are welcome to attend. I think we have to pay for camping. This is at EAST
Richard Huziak
1:10 PM

Re: Could use a few telescopes at the NE Swale on Sunday night

How come the Grasslands' star parties are not advertised anywhere, in Saskatoon Skies or the Saskatoon RASC Activities page? Tenho
Tenho Tuomi
May 25

Could use a few telescopes at the NE Swale on Sunday night

The last event of the Nature City Festival is a firefly watch at the NE Swale (just N of Evergreen neighbourhood, just N of Sutherland). It runs 9:00 - 10:30.
Richard Huziak
May 25

Re: Michael Mesure from FLAP speaking in Saskatoon Tonight

Are you going? Sent from my iPhone ... Are you going? Sent from my iPhone On May 24, 2017, at 12:26 PM, Richard Huziak rickhuziak@... [rascstoon]
May 24

Michael Mesure from FLAP speaking in Saskatoon Tonight

Anyone on these lists that will be in Saskatoon tonight, Michael Mesure from Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) will be speaking at the main library (Frances
Richard Huziak
May 24

About NGC 6946 supernovae ...

Actually 10 SN in the last 100 years! SN 1917A , SN 1939C , SN 1948B , SN 1968D , SN 1969P , SN 1980K , SN 2002hh , SN 2004et , SN 2008S , and SN 2017eaw. (The
Richard Huziak
May 16

Fwd: AAVSO Alert Notice 577: SN 2017eaw in NGC 6946 (PSN J20344424+6

Okay pretty-picture guys .... a bright supernova caught rising! For those who'd like to do something more useful , such as estimate the brightness of the SN
Richard Huziak
May 16

Re: Comets

After coming home from the meeting last night the sky was clear and I was able to take another picture of the brightening comet Johnson in Bootes
Tenho Tuomi
May 16

Observer's Group for April 22/2017 CANCELLED

Forecast is cloudy with a chance of showers so no Observer's Group this month. Should have gone last night I guess, saw some decent aurora from my back yard.
Apr 22

Re: Eclipse

Sorry Wayne - that's why it's called the "Great American Eclipse" I do, however, understand your sentiment Here us some good news though - the sun, moon, and
Apr 13


Hi crew, is there a place to see the total eclipse that is not in the US (I’m feeling less comfortable going there all the time!). Wayne From:
    Schlapkohl, Wayne PNRHA
    Apr 13
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    Registration for the Sask Summer Star Party is live and open!

    Come visit us on your way back from the eclipse .... :-) http://www.usask.ca/rasc/starparty.html or https://sssp.saskatoon.rasc.ca/ Even if you can't come, at
    Richard Huziak
    Apr 13

    Re: Comets

    Finally the clouds cleared enough this morning that I found comets C/207 E4 (Lovejoy) and C/2015 ER61 (PANSTARRS). It was already twilight by the time I found
    Tenho Tuomi
    Apr 5

    SSSP Camping & hotelling open now - Registration opens in a week

    Hi Everyone! The Saskatchewan Summer Star Party 2017 (SSSP'17 - our 21th year) is now open for *campsite booking* in the Meadows Campground as of today.
    Richard Huziak
    Apr 4
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