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    Radoshkovichi (24 miles NW of Minsk at 54 09 /27 14 ) (Radoshkovitz, Pol Radoszkowice, Radoszkowicze), town in Byellorussia; within Poland until the
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      Radoshkovichi (24 miles NW of Minsk at 54 09'/27 14') (Radoshkovitz, Pol
      Radoszkowice, Radoszkowicze), town in Byellorussia; within Poland until the
      partitions and between the two world wars. The Jewish community was
      established in the 16th century. The Jews numbered 455 in 1765; 1,701 in
      1847; 1,519 (58.9% of the total population) in 1897; and 1,215 (49.4%) in
      1921. The Jews earned their livelihood from trading at the annual fair,
      dealing in wood and cereals (exported to Germany and even Hungary), local
      retail trade, and crafts. In the town, there was one small brewery, a brick
      factory, flour mills, and small tanneries. Many families earned their living
      from cultivating orchards on behalf of non-Jewish farmers and landowners. In
      the 1920s and 1930s the Jewish economy suffered and there was considerable
      poverty as a result of poor returns, the heavy taxes, and the competition of
      non-Jews who were supported by the Polish government. The local Jewish
      people's bank made considerable efforts to assist the community in the
      economic struggle. The members of the community were largely Mitnaggedim,
      but local Hasidim had two prayer rooms. Pioneers from Radoshkovichi were
      among the first members of the Third Aliyah. After World War I, Zionist
      youth movements were very active and a He-Halutz training farms was
      established. In 1921-22 Radoshkovichi (then on the Polish-Russian border)
      was a transit station for Jewish refugees returning from Soviet Russia to
      their homes in Poland. Communal institutions included a Tarbut school, and a
      Hebrew library named after the poet Mordechai Zevi Manne, a native of
      Radoshkovichi. Among the community's Rabbis wer Abraham b. Judah Leib
      Maskileison, Meir b. Joshua Zevi Rabinsohn, who settled in Palestine in his
      old age, and his son, Joseph Zundel, the last Rabbi of Radoshkovichi.
      Notable natives of the town included israel Rivka'i-Rubin, educator and
      author; Mordecai Rabinsohn, Hebrew critic; and Naphtali Maskileison, poet and
      Talmud scholar.
      Holocaust Period. On the outbreak of World War II, there were about 1,200
      Jews in Radoshkovichi. On Sept. 18, 1939, the Red Army entered the town and
      a Soviet administration was established there. The Germans occupied the town
      on June 25, 1941. An Aktion took place on march 11, 1942, when 850 Jews were
      killed. After this Aktion, a ghetto was established for the remaining 350
      Jews. The Jewish community was liquidated on March 7, 1943, when the
      remaining 300 Jews were killed in the ghetto. During the liquidation, about
      50 Jews succeeded in escaping to the nearby forest, where they joined the
      Partisan unit, "the Revenge." After the war, the Jewish community of
      Radoshkovichi was not reconstituted.
      source: Encyclopedia Judaica
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        In a message dated 02 26 2003 12:43:52 PM, EilatGordn writes:

        >I called Zila Zilburg in Rishon lezion phone # 03-9647532. Zila was born
        >in Radoshkovichi 80 years ago and she was there during the holocaust and
        >later she escaped and lived with other Jewish people from the area in the
        >forests near Plashntzitz. Today she is the head of the memorial meeting
        >for shtetls in the area; Radoshkovichi, Rakov, Horodok and Krasne. This
        >year meeting will take place on March 25th at Beit Vitzo in Tel Aviv. Zila
        >told me that they received money from native of Radoshkovichi in France
        >to video tape the meeting professionally and they would like to send it
        >to descendants who would not be able to join them in Israel. She would
        >also like to receive addresses of as many people as possible who had families
        >in those places who now live in Israel that she could invite them and also
        >names of people abroad that would like to get the tape.
        >for Radoshkovichi site go to ; www.eilatgordinlevitan.com

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