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      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subj: asking for assistance
      Date: Mon, Dec 13, 1999 17:48 EDT
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      Mr. Milton Botwinick:
      I admire your success in obtaining your personal infomation.
      I have been unsuccessful for over 3 years. I was wondering what trail
      or addresses your used in order to obtain some document of your
      ancester leaving Belarus.<<<<<<<<<

      I lucked out and obtained the internal passport carried by my great gm from
      Minsk to Phila. from the effects of my deceased grandfather.

      >>>>>>>>>My grandfather was born in Minsk (or surrounding subburbs)
      in 1884. He left Belarus for Denmark in 1906.
      I dont know if he leaving was dependent upon family debt
      to the CZAR or if he left to avoid the 1905/06 draft
      into the CZAR's war of 1905 (The Russo Japanese War).
      By the way I recommend reading it, I recently purchased it
      through Amazon.com and found the book very interesting.
      No this never has or never will make the NY Time best reading list,
      but it gave me a very descriptive type of the czars military
      obligations to the country.<<<<<<<<<

      Read the Samuria of vishnograd pub by JPS.

      >>>>>>>> Anyway, since I got off track, I am still attempting to
      get some xerox copy of his departure from Belarus, his
      destination Denmark. He was also returned back to Minsk for burial
      around 1915- or 1916.<<<<<<<

      I cant offer any suggestions except to have someone search in the Minsk

      >>>>>>Thnx for your time and enlightening letter
      Steven Lotkin

      Milt Botwinick is searching the Botwinick surname in Radoshkovitz.
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