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1839 Minsk Gub. Leaseholder List

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    ... Subject: 1839 Minsk Gub. Leaseholder List From: Al Bell Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 14:40:19 -0500 (EST) X-Message-Number: 4 I have just put
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      Subject: 1839 Minsk Gub. Leaseholder List
      From: Al Bell <allbell@...>
      Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 14:40:19 -0500 (EST)
      X-Message-Number: 4

      I have just put a rough draft of my transcription of the 1839 Minsk
      Gubernya "leaseholder" list from Issue No. 1835 of the Minsk Vedomosti
      (from the microfilm at the New York Public Library). It lists more than
      160 Jewish leaseholders and a few government officials whose names
      appeared at the end of the list. Most of the entries give first names,
      patronymics, surnames, social status, and lease income.

      Unfortunately, I'm very ignorant about Russian, and don't really know
      what the introduction to the list says. It may turn out that the income
      figures given are really tax income, or the leaseholders' obligation to
      the government, or something like that. Thye main thing is, the people
      on the list must have been "machers" of one kind or another.

      Here's a list of the towns in the database:
      Berezina, Bobov, Bobov, Bobruisk, Bogushevich, Borisov, Bragin, Butzlava,
      Butzlava, Davidgorod, Disn, Disn, Dokshitz, Dolginov, Drui, Dukor, Dukor,
      Dunilovich, Germanov, Glubokov, Glubokov, Gluska, Gluska, Golubich,
      Gorodka, Gorodka, Gorvol, Gorvol, Gorvol, Grozova, Grozova, Igumen, Illyi,
      Iventza, Iventza, Iventza, Kalenkovich, Kalenkovich, Kamenya, Kamenya,
      Kamenya, Kholmech, Kholopenich, Kholui, Khoyiniki, Kletsk, Klicheva,
      Komarovkoju,, Kopatkovich, Kopatkovich, Kopatkovich, Kopilya, Kopilya,
      Korolin, Korolin, Korolin, Kozhangorod, Kraiska, Kraiska, Krasnago,
      Krasnago, Krasnoluk, Krzhivich, Kurzhentza, Kurzhentza, Kurzhentza,
      Lakhvi, Lapich, Lebedeva, Lelichin, Lelichin, Lelichin, Lenina, Leonpolya,
      Loev, Logishina, Logoiska, Logoiska, Loshi, Luzhek, Lyakhov, Lyubanya,
      Lyubesheva, Lyubesheva, Marovla, Minsk, Mogilin, Molodena, Mozir, in
      Mozirsk, Mozir, in Mozirsk, Myadelya, Myadelya, Narovla, Narovla,
      Nedvezhin Zemledilich, Nesvizh, Nesvizh, Nobelya, Okolova, Ozarich,
      Paricha, Petrikov, Petrikov, Petrikov, Pinsk, Pinsk , Pinsko Korolina,
      Pleschanich, Plis, Plis, Poboretv, Poboretv, Pogoeta, Pogosa (Zarechnavo),
      Pogost (Zarechnavo), Pogosta (Zarechnavo), Postav, Postav, Povolova,
      Povolova, Pukhovich, Pukhovich, Radoshkovich, Rakov, Ramoanova, Rechitsa,
      Rechitsa, Richek, Richek, Romanova, Rubezhevich, Rubezhevich, Rubezhevich,
      Samokhalovich, Sharkovschizni, Sharkovschizni, Shatzka, Shatzka,
      Skrugalov, Skrugalov, Skrugalov, Slutzk, Slutzk, Smilovich, Smolevich,
      Smolina, Starobin, Starobin, Stolpetzk, Stolpetzk, Sverzhnya, Sverzhnya,
      Svisloch, Svyatovol, Turov, Urichya, Uzdi, Uzlyan, Vileika, Vilna, Yesmon,
      Yurevich, Yurevich, Zaslov, Zembina *

      Here's a list of the surnames:
      Adlivankin, Amdurski, Avrakh, Barm, Borm, Botvinik,
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