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  • Nahum Liberman
    the names you mentioned in your letter are unfamiliar with later lists of pre-2nd world war Jewish Radoshkovich citizens. in the gravestone in israel (on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29 1:24 PM
      the names you mentioned in your letter are unfamiliar with later lists of
      pre-2nd world war
      Jewish Radoshkovich citizens.

      in the gravestone in israel (on which names are written in hebrew) and in
      izcor book
      there are almost no names similar or close to the names in your inquiry

      i wish you success in your inquiry.
      please let me know if you find lists with the names you look for in Minsk

      Nahum Liberman

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      > Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 17:04:13 EDT
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      >Hi Jerry
      >I am milt botwinick. My Botwinick and Davidow families come from
      >radoshkovitz. I have a radoshkovitz mailing list you might like to join.
      >Subject: Searching: NOVODWORSKY from Radoshkovitz, Molchad to US
      >From: Jerry Bernstein <jbernste@...>
      >Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 13:16:37 -0700
      >X-Message-Number: 2
      >My name is Jerry (Gerald) BERNSTEIN. I've been researching my
      >Mother's family - orignally named NOVODWORSKY, later NOVODOFF,
      >and NOVA. The family apparently lived in Kishinev at the time of
      >emigration, but had earlier connections in Radoshkovitz (near Minsk,
      >in Grodna-gubernia/Slonim-uyest at the time, but Minsk-gubernia later)
      >and Molchad (near Baranovich). Meyer NOVODWORSKY apparently never
      >left Europe. Jacob and His wife & children apparently left about 1907.
      >The family settled around Brooklyn, NY, and decendants now live in NY,
      >FL, CA, PA, etc.
      >The "yichus" appears below. If any of this looks like a connection to
      >any of you please contact me by return e-mail. Full details including
      >dates and 3 more generations of decendants are available via JGFF and
      >Thanks much...
      >Jerry Bernstein
      >Meyer NOVODWORSKY
      >===Jacob (Ziesel) NOVADOFF (NOVODWORSKY)
      >======Married Esther Kaminsky, daughter of
      >======Hirsh & Dobra Kaminsky
      >============Max (Mottel) NOVODOFF
      >============Married Gitle Miller daughter of
      >============Shlomo Millier & Anna Petiler
      >============Rose GOLDRICK
      >============Edyth CHRUST
      >============William NOVA
      >============Sylvia BERNSTEIN (my mother)
      >============Lilyan ZIELINSKI
      >============Herbert NOVODOFF
      >============Ethyl STARR
      >============Stanley (Samuel) NOVA
      >======Morris (Moishe) NOVODWORSKY
      >======Married Annette (Netty)
      >========artin SAPOLSKY
      >============Peter SAPOLSKY
      >============Charlotte TEPPERMAN
      >============Sylvia GROSSMAN
      >======Anna (Chinka) NOVODOFF
      >======Married Benjamin SCHECTMAN
      >============Nathan SCHECTMAN
      >============Harry SCHECTMAN
      >============Sol SCHECTMAN
      >============Sylvia ROGOFF
      >======Lillian (Lily) NOVODOFF
      >======Married Willie ROTHSTEIN
      >============Anita STEINGART
      >============Norman (Noonie) ROTHSTEIN
      >======Edith NOVODOFF
      >======Married Charlie WEISS
      >============Eddie WEISS
      >============Rena GAER
      >======Herman (Hymie) NOVODOFF
      >======Married Anna (Annette) BERNSTEIN
      >============Phillis FISCH
      >============Lionel NOVODOFF
      >======Ethyl NOVODOFF
      >======Married Sam RUBIN
      >======Married Henry MEADOWS
      >============Edyth GOODMAN
      >======Ella NOVODOFF
      >======Married Al COHEN
      >============Lorraine BRAUNSTEIN
      >============Jackie COHEN
      >======Samuel NOVA
      >======Married Bernice KELMAN
      >============Robert NOVA
      >============Carl NOVA
      >======Fiega NOVODWORSKY
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