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Zila was born in Radoshkovichi about  80 years ago

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    Subject: Re: Rakov, Volozhin and Radoshkovichi and Horodok From: EilatGordn@aol.com Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 16:19:51 -0500 X-Message-Number: 4 Dave Fox wrote
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      Subject: Re: Rakov, Volozhin and Radoshkovichi and Horodok

      From: EilatGordn@...

      Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 16:19:51 -0500

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      Dave Fox wrote about Rakov and Volozhin..

      I have some information regarding four Belarus shtetls heads of landsmen
      societies in Israel.

      I spoke with Zila Zilburg in Rishon Lezion (phone # 03-9647532). Zila was
      born in Radoshkovichi about  80 years ago and she was there during the
      holocaust. She escaped from the Ghetto in Radoshkovichi and joined the
      Russian and Jewish Partisans from the area in the forests near Plashntzitz.
      Today she is the head of the memorial meeting for shtetls in the area;
      Radoshkovichi, Rakov, Horodok and Krasne. This year's meeting will take place
      on March 25th at Beit Vitzo in Tel Aviv.(depending on the war) Zila told me
      that they received money to video tape the meeting professionally and they
      would like to send it to descendants who would not be able to join them in
      Israel. She would also like to receive addresses of  people who had families
      in those places who nowvlive in Israel that she could invite them to join.

      Zila told me about Aharon Gringoltz from Rakov who heads the Rakov Society in
      Israel. Aharon Gringoltz; phone # 036042605. Aharon was born in Rakov in
      1927. Aharon's mother was from the Botwinik family, Aharon and his father
      were the only survivors from the family, the rest perished in Rakov. Aharon
      told me that a few years ago he, with others, (mostly form the Horovitz
      family who left Rakov for South Africa in the 1930s) collected $12,000 to
      build a fence around the large Jewish cemetery in Rakov. Yuri Dorn took
      charge of the project. (Yuri takes Jewish visitors from Minsk to Rakov, less
      then an hour drive)

      Zila also gave me the phone number of Shimon Greenhose (#039226130 ) the head
      of the Krasne Society in Israel. He was born in Krasne about 72 years ago.
      Shimon told me that he and his mother Rosa (from the Kopilovitz family of
      Dockshitz) were the sole survivors from his family.

      The Jews in ghetto/camp in Krasne were amongst the very last to be
      annihilated. Survivors from other ghettos massacres were taken or escaped to
      the Krasne ghetto/ camp. Some Jews from the Camp, including children, were
      able to obtain arms. They escaped and joined the Russian partisans.

      After the war, Shimon Greenhuse came with his mother to Israel. He was a math
      teacher. A few years ago he took a group of students from "Camera abscura
      school of Tel Aviv" to Belarus and they filmed a movie in Krasne.

      I received a note from The head of the Volozhin Society;

      Moshe Porat poratm@...

      ...As I wrote you , I spoke with Zila . She invited us (from Volozhin) to be
      present at the next Radoshkovitsh reunion.

      I'll be there with Lea Shif (Nahshon) and with Fruma nee Shulman Lifshitz

      Fruma paid for the memorial site in the Horodok Cemetery

      The Volozhin Region Book that I received from the district chairman contained
      a list of Rakov martyrs in Belarus language. I will rewrite it into latin
      characters. When ready I'll send it to you.  

      Kol tuv - Moshe

      Moshe Porat (a descendant of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin) has almost single
      handily translated the Volozhin Yizkor book (written in Hebrew and Yiddish)
      and other books about the area that were written in Russian and he also
      posted many pictures (old and recent) from the area.

      Moshe also wrote me in his note;

      Next autumn two hundred years will pass from the day that Rabbi Hayim

      Volozhiner founded the Volozhin Yeshivah "Eyts Hayim - Tree of Life".

      It Should be a day to unite and devote our thoughts, prayers and

      memories to Volozhin, its Yeshiva "Tree of Life" and its congregation that

      was annihilated sixty years ago.

      Could the representatives of prominent Jewish congregations in the States

      organize such a celebration this year in Volozhin?

      To understand the importance of the Volozhin Yeshiva for the Jewish people

      "The Yeshiva in its first days"

      Extracts translated from Volozhin Yizkor Book at www.jewishgen

      Kol tuv - Moshe.

      Ruth Wilnai (nee Lifshitz family of Rakow) and I would like to create a site
      for Rakov.

      You could find other sites that I created at www.eilatgordinlevitan.com

      The sites are for: Dolhinov, Krasne, Krivichi, kurenets, Radoshkovichi,
      Vileyka, Vishnevo, Volozhin all in Belarus (and Vashki in Lithuania)

      We would welcome all family pictures and information from families who came
      from those shtetls.

      Eilat Gordin Levitan

      Los Angeles


      Milton E. Botwinick [professional genealogist] botwinick@...
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