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towns on Soviet Extra Ordinary commission list

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    These towns are included on towns on the Soviet Extra Ordinary commission list. For meaning, see below Gorodok (Molodech.) Iliya (Molodech.) Kurenets
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      These towns are included on towns on the Soviet Extra Ordinary commission
      list. For meaning, see below

      Gorodok (Molodech.)
      Iliya (Molodech.)
      Kurenets (Molodech.)
      Radoshkovichi (Molodech.)
      Volozhin (Molodech.)
      Rechki (Molodech.)

      Subject: Re: victims of the Ensatzgruppen (Extraordinary Commission Lists)

      Following is a website that has a list of towns that were examined by
      the Soviet Extra Ordinary commission. The list of towns was published as
      Appendix C of "How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the
      Holocaust" by Gary Mokotoff.
      <http://www.avotaynu.com/Holocaust/appendixc.htm>. The list has many
      towns from Belarus. I have been told that most of them have name lists
      that include Jews as well as non Jews, as you can see if you look at the
      lists from Bragin, Lida, Urechye, and Glussk.

      The lists are in Russian script and are available from the US Holocaust
      Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington DC. They are in Russian script.
      The USHMM plans to get all the name lists from the Extraordinary
      Commission Reports translated and put into a database. When this will
      be done is not known.

      I hope that future lists will be put on the Belarus SIG website so that
      they can be searched from the All Belarus Database

      If anyone who can read Russian script desires to have one or more of
      theses lists translated and donate the translation to the Belarus SIG
      for use on the website, I will mail you the list. If someone want to do
      another list from those shown on
      <http://www.avotaynu.com/Holocaust/appendixc.htm>, I will try and get
      them from the USHMM.
      The Detroit News in a article dated Jauuary 1, 1996, provides some
      interesting background of previous secret Soviet files.

      David M. Fox
      Arnold, MD USA
      Belarus SIG Coordinator

      Another source is the reports of the Soviet Extraordinary Commission. It
      is a tremendous step forward that the US Holocaust MEmorial Museum now has
      a microfilm copy of this material, and that sections can be ordered from
      USHMM. The collection is described at

      The records are generally handwritten, and the quality of the penmanship
      varies, as does the darkness of the ink. Some portions were typed, and
      sometimes it looks as if it were typed with a ribbon that should
      have been retired months ago. However, when one considers these reports
      were compiled in 1944, while there was still a war on, one which taxed the
      Soviet Union to its utmost, it's amazing that these records exist at all.
      In addition to the name lists, there is a preface outlining the events in
      that locality. The original records are, of course, in Russian. For an
      example of this material, see
      http://members.nbci.com/newhoir/lida-site/was-area.htm & scroll down to
      "Holcaust in Vasilishki".
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