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12cemeteries RADOSHKOVICHI.

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    Nov 6, 1998

      Subject: Rakov, Radoshkovichi and Volozhyn
      From: "East European Jewish Heritage Project" <root@...>
      Date: Thu, 5 Nov 98 14:53:54 +0200
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      To All

      The East European Jewish Heritage Project, in cooperation with
      our affiliate the Union of Religious Jewish Congregations of the
      Republic of Belarus, is undertaking the restoration of the
      cemeteries in RAKOV and RADOSHKOVICHI.

      The East European Jewish Heritage Project and the Union are also
      restoring the VOLOZHYN Yeshiva. This building, which once housed
      the founding institution of the Yeshiva movement, is now home to
      a down at the heels culinaria. It's probably one of the few
      Yeshivas where you can buy a ham sandwich. To me that's a like
      selling hot dogs in St. Patrick's Cathedral. It will be
      converted to a Research and Resource Centre of Jewish Culture.
      Amongst other things it will be a repository for kahil records
      now in private hands. We intend to provide on-line services to

      We need help. Not just financial. If you can help with
      publicity, organize fund raising or just have suggestions about
      what you would like to see done and how, please contact me. We'd
      be glad to assist in work on other cemeteries and landmarks.

      Thanks very much for your help.

      Frank Swartz
      Executive Director
      East European Jewish Heritage Project
      13b Dauman Street
      Republic of Belarus
      tel/fax: +375 17 234 56 12/234 33 60
      e-mail: root@....