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Ruthie's Predictions For Montreal Area FM Allocations

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  • ruth77ca
    Dear Neal (and other interested R.I.M. members): Here are, briefly, my predictions. Of course, there should be no need for new FM applications, since the band
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      Dear Neal (and other interested R.I.M. members):

      Here are, briefly, my predictions. Of course, there should be no
      need for new FM applications, since the band in the Montreal area
      has reached its saturation point years ago, and the C.R.T.C., in its
      infinite wisdom, is blissfully unaware of that fact, as it continues
      to license more and more totally unneeded FM stations that, in turn,
      contribute to the worsening of reception conditions for listeners who
      have inadequate, AFC-less FM receivers or receivers that have a built-
      in AFC circuit that can't be switched on or off.

      Anyway, enough said and on with my predictions.

      91.9 is a frequency that shouldn't be on the block at all.
      Noncommercial public radio stations with a cultural vocation should
      never be made to suffer from other stations' interference, as the
      case will be for Montrealers with inadequate pre-1980 receivers. If,
      however, the C.R.T.C. decides to allocate 91.9 to a Montreal station,
      it should be a classical music/jazz/entertainment station just like a
      public radio station, a format/concept that is sadly lacking in

      100.1 or 100.3: With The Buzz on 99.9 delivering such a powerhouse
      signal all the way to the Laurentians, people with state-of-the-art,
      bells-and-whistles, digital-readout gear would have an extremely hard
      time separating 100.1 or even 100.3 from The Buzz.

      104.7: The C.R.T.C. won't be persuaded by Montreal area lovers
      of "freeform radio" (such as our beloved Sheldon, who even took time
      to present a brief against the C.B.C. application) that "The Point"
      is worth leaving alone for others to enjoy. After all, the
      Catastrophic Broadcasting Corporation has already told the CRTC
      commissioners that it needs both 104.7 and 105.1 to serve the handful
      of people in N.D.G. and surrounding areas who would be interested in
      listening to the CBC's elitist, pedantic, and soporific style. I
      have a hunch the CBC will be allocated both frequencies in order to
      be able to switch between frequencies whenever its signal gets jammed
      out by intermodulation products, tropo, or sporadic E-skip.

      My other predictions: A new Corus "English" station in Montreal?
      No. A Native station? Hopefully, yes! While I do love country
      music, big-band music, jazz, hip-hop, calypso, and reggae I
      nevertheless do miss the authentic Native chants and drumming
      CKRK/Mohawk Radio used to play in its first few years on the air. A
      new "urban" station? Pray tell, why a second one? Doesn't CKRK
      admirably fit the bill for this format? A "Nostalgia" station?
      great idea if an "English" or bilingual station with the "Music of
      Your Life" format (music from the 1910's to the mid-70's); if French,
      forget it. And, for myself, I'd love to be able to listen to a
      format that would be a cross between "The Buzz" and the psychedelic
      sound (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Melanie, Bohemian
      Vendetta, The Sewer, etc.) that made WCFL (Chicago) so successful in
      the late 60's and early 70's.

      Best regards and good listening!

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