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7546Re: SOAP newbie needs some help

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  • dave@mindreef.com
    Feb 27, 2001
      Wow, what a response! Thanks, Dave. I'm really looking forward to
      this. I shoud mention that I'm doing this work on Win2K currently,
      but my eventual target is Linux. I should also mention that although
      my language of choice is Python, I'm certainly open to other
      languages (Perl, Java, C, C++, etc., in rough order of precedence),
      especially since we're talking about new toolkits with varying levels
      of maturity.

      I think I already have a clue about what's wrong: soaplib relies on
      Python's htmllib, which is is still only supporting HTTP 1.0, so that
      might be a factor if Radio is expecting HTTP 1.1.

      Geez, I'm a little stunned at seing my name in Scripting News...

      - Dave
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