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7409Re: Groove to move outlines around

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  • rose@tele.dtu.dk
    Feb 22, 2001
      Has anyone considered using Magi for moving the outlines around in a controlled way? (http://www.endeavors.org/html/index.html). From their PR:
      "Simply stated, MagiExpress is a personal Web server that allows users to easily store and retrieve information. A MagiExpress server restricts who has access to download and view files using a buddy list . Users can share and synchronize information on their own desktop, laptop, or palmtop using a MagiExpress server from anywhere as if it were a local directory."

      It looks like there will be some work involved in adding SOAP/XML-RPC on the Magi end (http://www.endeavors.org/html/faq.html ), but it's open source and multiplatform - though I have to admit I haven't figured out how they've divided the open part from the commercial product yet.

      I haven't tried it yet - I've been living a foolhardy experiment in seeing how productive I can be in a pure MacOSX environment :).


      --- In radio-userland@y..., "Dave Winer" <dave@u...> wrote:
      > Boy that sounds too complicated by an order of magnitude. Now I know how it
      > must feel to be a user of one of our products waiting waiting for us to do
      > the obvious thing. The problem with COM is that it won't work for Mac users.
      > At least through the file system, if you have a PC on your LAN somewhere,
      > you can have it run Groove and still be part of a workgroup from the Mac
      > desktop. We have a special requirement that we at least try to include the
      > Mac people in all our Rube Goldberg puzzles. ;-> Dave
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