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7399Re: [radio-userland] Re: Groove to move outlines around

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  • Dave Winer
    Feb 21, 2001
      Boy that sounds too complicated by an order of magnitude. Now I know how it
      must feel to be a user of one of our products waiting waiting for us to do
      the obvious thing. The problem with COM is that it won't work for Mac users.
      At least through the file system, if you have a PC on your LAN somewhere,
      you can have it run Groove and still be part of a workgroup from the Mac
      desktop. We have a special requirement that we at least try to include the
      Mac people in all our Rube Goldberg puzzles. ;-> Dave

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      Subject: [radio-userland] Re: Groove to move outlines around

      > > Scott, that's the key. If we can get Groove to maintain a folder or
      > set of
      > > folders that Radio can watch, then when a new or updated file
      > arrives, we
      > > can fold it into any Radio data structure we want. This is the
      > bridge we
      > > want between the two worlds. The win for Radio users is privacy,
      > the win for
      > > Groove is users. Dave
      > >
      > Dave, I believe that you should be able to use the Groove COM APIs to
      > accomplish what you want - since Groove spaces are secure,
      > you'll need to log in from your code, subscribe to change
      > notifications, and stay logged in while you are listening, if I'm not
      > mistaken.
      > (Alternatively, I suppose that you could inject a tool of your own
      > manufacture into Groove that pings Radio when changes
      > happen...depends on whether you want Radio or Groove to be on top...)
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