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7396Re: Groove to move outlines around

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  • stutzbforked@hotmail.com
    Feb 21, 2001
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      > Scott, that's the key. If we can get Groove to maintain a folder or
      set of
      > folders that Radio can watch, then when a new or updated file
      arrives, we
      > can fold it into any Radio data structure we want. This is the
      bridge we
      > want between the two worlds. The win for Radio users is privacy,
      the win for
      > Groove is users. Dave

      Dave, I believe that you should be able to use the Groove COM APIs to
      accomplish what you want - since Groove spaces are secure,
      you'll need to log in from your code, subscribe to change
      notifications, and stay logged in while you are listening, if I'm not

      (Alternatively, I suppose that you could inject a tool of your own
      manufacture into Groove that pings Radio when changes
      happen...depends on whether you want Radio or Groove to be on top...)
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