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7391Re: [radio-userland] Re: Groove to move outlines around

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  • Dave Winer
    Feb 21, 2001
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      OK, to be clear, I just want to use Groove to move the outlines around, I
      have no interest in using their outliner, or in porting my outliner to run
      inside Groove. This was the same kind of "opportunity" Java offered, it's
      "jump in my bathtub" story that I find uninteresting (too much work, too
      risky). Is there no way to get Groove to distribute files between users? We
      can do the joining of outlines in Radio, that's something it's quite good
      at. Dave

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      Subject: [radio-userland] Re: Groove to move outlines around

      > > At UserLand everyone keeps a project outline in Radio. The
      > combination of
      > > all the outlines is also a document. But we don't have a way to
      > move the
      > > pieces around, yet, without making them public.
      > >
      > > Is this something that Groove can help with? In principle I want to
      > try to
      > > leverage their work before reinventing the wheel. This is probably
      > the
      > > highest value intersection point betw what we do and what they do.
      > Sounds a good story. I'm assuming the outlines are OPML, which is
      > easy to parse and can be stored natively inside a Groove app. The
      > degree of integration would vary from easy-but-clunky (share OPML
      > files in the groove files tool) through seamless (a custom groove
      > tool which understands OPML and becomes a meta-outliner).
      > If you have any more pointers to how this should work, feel free to
      > email them straight to me for bedtime reading...:)
      > -Hugh
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