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7390Re: Groove to move outlines around

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  • hpyle@agora.co.uk
    Feb 21, 2001
      > At UserLand everyone keeps a project outline in Radio. The
      combination of
      > all the outlines is also a document. But we don't have a way to
      move the
      > pieces around, yet, without making them public.
      > Is this something that Groove can help with? In principle I want to
      try to
      > leverage their work before reinventing the wheel. This is probably
      > highest value intersection point betw what we do and what they do.

      Sounds a good story. I'm assuming the outlines are OPML, which is
      easy to parse and can be stored natively inside a Groove app. The
      degree of integration would vary from easy-but-clunky (share OPML
      files in the groove files tool) through seamless (a custom groove
      tool which understands OPML and becomes a meta-outliner).

      If you have any more pointers to how this should work, feel free to
      email them straight to me for bedtime reading...:)

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