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  • hpyle@agora.co.uk
    Feb 21, 2001
      (I just arrived here, btw). Radar ears; thanks for the link Julian.

      At agora we think p2p (and groove in particular) is very important,
      and as a solution provider we're building some neat applications for
      corporate and B2B use. We also think that it can revolutionise
      consumer-brand activities. Some context:

      "In a highly networked world, doing business well means more than
      adopting online promotion, viral marketing or any of the conventional
      wisdom about selling the same thing in a different way. It means
      designing media whose primary value lies in its ability to connect
      people." -

      That paragraph is basically the entire content of my presentation at
      the European p2p summit earlier this week.

      Personally - although I don't have very much budget to build this
      sort of stuff speculatively - I'm very very interested in bridging
      the gap between "public areas" (web, 2-way-web, mail lists, usenet,
      weblogs, syndicated news, freenet storage etc) and "private areas"
      (groove spaces, for example). That's one of the motivations behind
      groovelog, and we have a bunch of prototype applications coming down
      the pike which are designed around using public media for rendezvous
      of private groups.

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