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  • notify@userland.com
    Mar 22, 2006
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      By: Willem Overbeeke (willem-overbeeke@...)

      Hello, all you old hands in Radio Land, here is the new kid on the block again.

      This time my question regards "permanent information".

      I want to use my WEBLOG as a vehicle to disseminate information about my professional practice. That means the relevance of some posts is quasi "timeless" as opposed to calendar dependent. And I would like such articles (by category) to be easily accessible all of the time, not kicked out or archived after 7 days

      Is this, perhaps, the distinction between "posts" and "stories"?

      Or is there another way to attain the same result?

      Be assured of my deepest gratitude for any pointers....

      This is a Manila site... http://manila.userland.com/.