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  • notify@userland.com
    Mar 22, 2006
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      By: Willem Overbeeke (willem-overbeeke@...)

      Apologies for this probably very basic question, which is almost certainly addressed somewhere in the documentation. Being a crass novice, I have not been able to find the answer quickly, so ask the "friendly, experienced users" to give me a hand.

      I have my posts allocated to categories. Opening a category in WEB-view then displays the whole text of each of my posts in inverse chronological order, with only the timeline as a separator and no way to skim an entry and jump to the next item.

      What I would like, is:
      * a rendering of one post at a time
      * a display of the title
      * the body being limited to the first x words of the entry, or alternatively to a summary (which one would have to supply separately)
      * the possibility of then "opening up" to the complete post, if the reader is interested to peruse in detail
      * the possibility to skip to the next entry

      Most BLOGS I have seen (and all others I have tested) have these features, so I have little doubt the nestor of BLOGGING must be able to oblige as well.

      Can somebody enlighten me?

      This is a Manila site... http://manila.userland.com/.