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284Re: [syndication] The scenario

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  • Bill Kearney
    Oct 14, 2003
      > I really dislike sarcasm because you can never tell what the person is
      > actually saying.
      > So -- what are you actually saying?

      Oh how rich.

      Hmmmm, what he's saying might be

      gets wild hare up his ass.
      (possibly because others are known to be working on it)
      proposes said wild hare as a 'standard' replete with a 'spec'
      ignores input from others and casts them as being 'difficult'
      drags his unwilling Radio customers along for the ride
      meanwhile lying to the public about it.

      Yeah, that's the back story. Same old, same old more of the same, yadda yadda,
      mazel tov, have a nice day.

      -Bill Kearney