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280Fw: [RSS-DEV] Public by Default

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  • Bill Kearney
    Jul 15, 2003
      Perhaps Mark just tired of seeing your bullshit about it.

      You bully people Dave. It's YOU that's the problem here. Just like any number
      of other cases where a vendor wanted to stifle free speech when it didn't favor
      the position they espouse. This is no different. Well, in corporate cases it's
      about brand value. In your case it's just rampant narcissism.

      When you put such significant efforts into essentially establishing yourself as
      a public figure you have to accept the consequences of your actions. There's be
      no need for a Winer Watcher if there wasn't a track record of your using your
      bully pulpit as a mechanism for abusing people.

      If you're not prepared to suffer the intense focus your public statements cause
      then maybe you should consider how you make them. Simply refine your work and
      publish it whole. Don't just blurt it 'out loud', poisoning the audience with
      your abuses and then retract it.

      There's no exhaustive holy war against you Dave, and misleading people about it
      won't ever make it true. You can cry victim all you like and some folks will be
      misled. You're no martyr, you're just a lunatic.

      Likewise, your disinformation about the validator isn't based on the truth. The
      validator's ability to do things properly or not is entirely based on the
      volunteer effort of it's participants. The fact is that you released a
      half-baked spec that, at the time of the validator's creation, was quite
      ambiguous in a number of areas. You took no time and expended no effort to aid
      the volunteers working with the validator to resolve those ambiguities. Instead
      you've taken what can only be described as some ridiculously sanctimonious
      perspective. Think of the hypocrisy suggested by Claude Raines acting role in
      Casablanca, "I'm shocked, shocked to find..." and that about sums it up. Don't
      try playing the victim here, that dog won't hunt.

      I'm further appalled at your on-going campaign of misinformation and polarized
      speech. Here we find yet more examples of your carefully twisted description of
      the situation. You subtly try weaving in thoughts of people 'being out to get
      you' or being 'monsters' and that they, not you, are trying to 'be in control'
      of the situation or that they're 'stalking' you. Is there no end to your
      delusional behavior? Does anyone not fail to see through the ridiculousness of
      your delusional ravings?

      As for 'know them well' have you ever taken the time to engage them in actual
      civil conversation? Not just lecturing, leaving lunatic ravings on answering
      machines or shouting obscenities at them from a keynote podium in front of
      hundreds of attendees, but actual dialog? I know that you haven't. For some of
      us HAVE met and talked among each other, agreeed and disagreed on many fronts
      and yet we continue to enjoy collaborating. All without claiming victim status
      or other such nonsense.

      If you can't stand the heat Dave, get out of the kitchen. WW is a fine idea, if
      just for it's calling attention to the darker side of your using the weblogs as
      a vehicle for abusing people. Thanks for being it's poster child Dave. People
      are learning from you. Fortunately they're learning what NOT to do and how NOT
      to behave.

      But hey, all this publicity for Mark, Echo, WW and the validator is great! It
      gives us yet more places to keep people informed about the truth. That you
      consider it such a threat only guarantees it's success.

      -Bill Kearney