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273Re: [syndication] Archival RSS: Toward Weblog Portability

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  • Bill Kearney
    May 1, 2003
      Yeesh, he's wrong and now suggests physical confrontation?

      Then fine, come meet me. What's next, glove-slapping and duels? Where should
      we do this, in the playground after school? Marquis of Queensbury Rules?

      Cowardly? Lying, slandering, bullying, threatening, censoring; y'know, some of
      your standard tactics Dave, those seem a heck of a lot more cowardly than
      someone just speaking the truth.

      Have a nice day Dave.

      -Bill Kearney

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      Subject: Re: [syndication] Archival RSS: Toward Weblog Portability

      > Danny, Radio has a plug-in architecture for the RSS generator, so you can
      > have it either way.
      > So the answer to your question is "It Depends."
      > But I don't care whether I'm right or not -- I am often wrong -- and am
      > happy to admit it. What matters to me first, is that people address each
      > other with respect. Then we can solve any problem. When it's about
      > humiliating or defeating someone else I'm not into it. If you want to be
      > hostile, have the courage to show up in person. Doing it on mail lists is
      > cowardly.