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269Fw: [mt-dev] adding to XMLRPC interface?

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  • Bill Kearney
    Jan 18, 2003
      SEE? This is the sort of humility Winer et al at Userland could learn to
      express. Here the amazingly talented MovableType developer is actually
      /admitting/ a comment of his wasn't correct. And even explains some of the
      twists involved.

      Would that Dave have taken this attitude from day one. He'd have a considerably
      larger user base. Instead nicer developers like MovableType are gainng users
      every day, by orders of magnitude faster than Userland.

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      Subject: Re: [mt-dev] adding to XMLRPC interface?

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      > > Is it really that easy? It appears that the MT class isn't
      > > instantiated
      > > until after one of the XMLRPC methods are invoked (this is the class
      > > that loads all the plugins). Which would be a little late, at least if
      > > you're running mt-xmlrpc.cgi as a pure CGI. The plugin route may work
      > > for mod_perl, but only once one of the builtin methods creates an MT
      > > object. Also, the 'supportedMethods' call wouldn't list any
      > > plugin-powered methods.
      > Oh, damn, you're right, of course. That's something that will need to
      > be fixed, then, because it will be impossible for a plugin to add an
      > XML-RPC method, even if we did add a special method to add the method.
      > bye,
      > Ben
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